Miscellaneous Work


Sprise, 2022

BFF is a community of women and non-binary people to get educated, connected, and empowered in crypto. We designed and built a website and minting functionality for their NFT collection, You.

Different snippets from the BFF website

Website for the BFF community to promote their launch, establish credibility, and provide educational resources for members to learn about crypto.

NFT minting component on desktop and mobile

Minting was supported on both desktop and mobile. Most NFT mints during this time were desktop-only, but improved accessibility was important for a less technical audience.

Different states of the NFT minting component

The mint needed to support three different phases, and several states for each.

Token checker component

The BFF community originally started with free, airdropped bracelet NFTs to audience members of their first educational live stream. These early members were rewarded with guaranteed access to the mint, token-gated using their bracelet. To prevent exploitation of people trying to mint and sell the bracelet to unsuspecting buyers, we provided a token checker to see if the bracelet was already used to mint.

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YesGoGo Flight Deals

Sprise, 2021

Yes Theory is a YouTube channel that creates travel and adventure content that encourages a philosophy of getting outside of one’s comfort zone and creating authentic connections with other people. Over the years, they have built a massive, engaged community that spans across the globe, across various social media platforms. YesGoGo was a travel business built around this community, offering members flight deals and exclusive travel experiences.

YesGoGo landing page

Landing page for the YesGoGo MVP. The early access launch converted 1,200 sign-ups in the first week.

YesGoGo sign-up screens

When setting up their account, users set their departure city to receive email flight deals from (left). They default to a free 30-day trial, but during launch, we presented a limited-time lifetime discount on the following page.

Example email flight deal

At the core of the product was emailed flight deals.

YesGoGo dashboard

The MVP dashboard, where users can launch the external community portal, and update their departure cities, membership, and account details.

Different states of the dashboard membership cards

Different states of the membership cards on the dashboard.

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Restaurant Driver Maps

Grubhub, 2020

Grubhub is a restaurant online ordering and delivery platform. Restaurants who use Grubhub’s delivery drivers need to know when the driver will arrive, so they can time their food prep properly. They previously only had a rough arrival window—which was often inaccurate—and could either result in the food being late, or the food quality degrading from sitting on the counter too long. Providing a visual map of the driver’s location gave restaurants higher-fidelity data to make better decisions on food prep.

Driver maps in the order details of Grubhub for Restaurants

The driver map would show the driver’s location, and highlight the segment of the delivery they were on—on the way to the restaurant (left), and then on the way to the diner to complete the trip (right). After the order was picked up, we also presented restaurants with a quick way to rate drivers on a five-star scale, to provide quantitative feedback on their pickup experience.

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Restaurant Delivery Zones

Grubhub, 2018

Grubhub is a restaurant online ordering and delivery platform. Restaurants using their own delivery drivers need a way to determine where to accept orders from, and to set delivery fees based on distance. We built a way for them to draw these delivery zones on a map, using distance from the restaurant or zip codes as a starting point. After, they would be able to customize these zones using the shape’s handles.

Adding a delivery zone in Grubhub for Restaurants Editing a delivery zone in Grubhub for Restaurants

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Restaurant Order Details

Grubhub, 2018

Grubhub is a restaurant online ordering and delivery platform. As Grubhub expanded its restaurant partnerships, order information became increasingly complex. The order details were core to the restaurant experience—every restaurant on the platform reads this screen, for every order they receive—adding up to 668,000 orders per day by the end of my tenure. We needed system flexible enough to show any kind of order, but also do it clearly and succinctly, to reduce restaurant errors and optimize for speed.

Order details in Grubhub for Restaurants

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Driver Dispatch Order Reassignment

Zoomer, 2016

Zoomer was a food delivery startup. To manage a fleet of delivery drivers, Zoomer had an in-house dispatch team, using custom-built software that allowed them to see the status of all drivers and all orders in a given region. Orders were assigned to drivers through an algorithm, but exceptions would pop up due to any number of reasons, and often needed manual intervention from a human. We built a way for dispatch to reassign orders to different drivers, displaying contextual information like their location on a map, their availability, and previewing their updated routes.

Reassigning an order to a different driver in Zoomer's dispatch tool

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