The challenge

After growing both the size of our staff and the caliber of our clientele, we needed a complete overhaul of our website to better reflect the company’s direction. We wanted to better showcase the quality of our work, convey our team’s global presence, and give better insight into our company culture.

Webonise home page

The Webonise home page, with hover states displayed for work samples and blog posts.

Webonise mobile home page

Excerpts of the mobile responsive home page, with tabs for each major section to reduce scrolling fatigue.

Finding our voice

The first step of building our new website was to figure out how we wanted to represent ourselves. One major objective was to illustrate our global brand. As a company with staff in the U.S., India, and many other parts of the world, we wanted to make sure we represented values shared across multiple cultures. Effectively communicating what we could do for our global client base was especially important, as clients could come from anywhere. We also wanted to convey our maturity as a growing company, without coming across as corporate robots—one pitfall of the original site was that it was far too verbose, so we decided to cut the crap and get to the point. Our new site needed captivating imagery, less business jargon, and more human language.

Contact page

The contact page, featuring a map of Webonise offices. Here, the Pune, India office is shown highlighted upon mouseover.

Presenting the work

In our case studies, we carefully selected pieces that showed our ability to work with projects of scale, solve ambitious technological problems, and build elegant interfaces. We wanted each individual case study to give potential clients a look into our process, giving them an idea of what it would be like to work together, without being so wordy that it would be glazed over. Each case study also included large images depicting the final product, a path to continue viewing other case studies, and a call-to-action to reach out for work inquiries.

Case studies

Examples of two case studies, Digital Academy (left) and Daily Racing Form Ticketmaker (right).

Behind the scenes

While the majority of the site is focused on our work, we also wanted to reveal the personality behind Webonise. We collected photographs from company events and of the team working together, and created a brand new culture video. It shows clients our human side, and it gets potential talent excited about the idea of working there. It’s also fun for people to see themselves on the website.

Company page

The company page provides a look at the people behind Webonise.


Determining the new direction of our site took significant internal debate, as there were many ideas that bounced around about how to portray our brand best. To find a solution, we went back to basics—we identified the goals we wanted to achieve with the new portal, and we used that to unite under one vision. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook seemingly straightforward objectives, but if everyone isn’t on the same page, then it’s difficult to move forward as a team.

As a consultancy, time is a billable asset. The difficulty in building out internal projects is that people could be working on billable work, so it’s easy to procrastinate on them in favor of bringing in revenue. Early in this project, we struggled to keep it moving forward. We realized we couldn’t keep prioritizing client work over it—it needed an honest investment in order to succeed. Once we had staff seriously committed to finishing this site, both the rate and quality of work were significantly improved.